Passing the RPG Torch (part 2)

After a rousing success (no pun intended) of playing roleplaying games with my son for the first time, he and I decided to play again a few days ago. We continued where we left off from the last session, with the Star Wars RPG Invasion of Theed Adventure Game. Since he had the basics down, this session I decided to beef up the rules. I added back in the use of the vitality and wound points and required him to use skill checks to accomplish tasks. I also advanced the characters to level 2, equaling the level of the next few encounters. Continue reading

Passing the RPG torch

Recently, I have been thinking about teaching my son Henry  how to play Dungeons & Dragons as I think he would like the game. His reading and math skills have improved significantly over the past few months and we have always enjoyed creating mass battles using his D&D minis. With the minis we would keep the rules pretty simple, if we used any rules at all, so I knew I would need to simplify the RPG rules. Character sheets, combat rules, and encounters would all need to be scaled back to match his comprehension and maintain the fun. My thoughts were to use the D&D 4th Edition RPG Starter, stripping down the rules to match his abilities. I figured that would take a few hours of work and I was not quite sure where to start.

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