Aug 17 2011

Poetry Slam

I pulled two more pieces of second grade creative writing from Henry today. A couple of poems that tickled my funny bone.


A doughnut I say getting

dipped in coffee

not that





my Cat

hissing at me

not so good





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Aug 15 2011

Satan’s Halfpipe

Another piece of second grade creative writing from Henry.

On Sunday I went to the skatepark with my dad.


This is either Satan’s Halfpipe or Henry is dropping into the jaws of the Exogorth.

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Dec 11 2009

First Spam!

I have heard it be said that you’ll know you have a real website when you get your first spam. Well today my site went legit as I got what I consider to be my first spam, although in the lexicon of the web it would more likely be considered a troll.

Someone using the handle “Anonannoyed” and the clever email decided to come all the way over to my little corner of the interwebs to start a D&D edition war and tell me the products I’ve worked on “aren’t D&D products”.

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