May the Cake Be With You

My son is turning 7 this month and he is a huge Star Wars fan. He loves the Clone Wars cartoons, Lego Star Wars video games, Lego Star Wars toys, Star Wars action figures, Star Wars miniatures etc. In 2008 he was a Clone Trooper for Halloween and this year he went as Jango Fett. So when I asked him what theme he wanted for his birthday, the immediate answer was STAR WARS!!! Me: You mean like last year? Him: Uh? Yeah!

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First Spam!

I have heard it be said that you’ll know you have a real website when you get your first spam. Well today my site went legit as I got what I consider to be my first spam, although in the lexicon of the web it would more likely be considered a troll.

Someone using the handle “Anonannoyed” and the clever email decided to come all the way over to my little corner of the interwebs to start a D&D edition war and tell me the products I’ve worked on “aren’t D&D products”.

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