Salmon & Potato Pie

When I was a kid my mom would sometimes make salmon pie. We didn’t have it often but I always enjoyed it. Growing up in the Pacific Northwest we ate a lot of salmon and I still enjoy it grilled, poached, baked, fried, and smoked but I have not had it in a pie for years.The other week I was at Trader Joe’s and I noticed they had canned Alaskan Red Salmon on sale (also known as Sockeye Salmon). I bought a few cans and made a quick call to my mom to ask her to email me the recipe. Today I baked this for the first time myself. It tasted just as I remembered, especially when accompanied with HP Sauce.


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Christmas Feast

We are hosting Christmas dinner this year and I am doing the cooking. My parents are British so I grew up with the traditional English feast. When I was a boy I went to my Gran & Grandad’s house in Ashford, Kent one year and fondly remember the meal, complete with Christmas Plum Pudding that had coins hidden inside. I have put together my menu putting a modern twist on the traditional English Christmas Dinner. I never acquired the taste for plum pudding and we did turkey at Thanksgiving so I am skipping those. Here is what I am preparing:

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