Aug 17 2011

Poetry Slam

I pulled two more pieces of second grade creative writing from Henry today. A couple of poems that tickled my funny bone.


A doughnut I say getting

dipped in coffee

not that





my Cat

hissing at me

not so good





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Aug 15 2011

Satan’s Halfpipe

Another piece of second grade creative writing from Henry.

On Sunday I went to the skatepark with my dad.


This is either Satan’s Halfpipe or Henry is dropping into the jaws of the Exogorth.

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Aug 14 2011

Running With An Ax

Going though Henry’s writing from second grade I found this cute (fictional) story.

I went to an arcade with my dad. It was called Power Play. I played Running With An Ax. It is where you run as far as you can without tripping. I got to level 31. Then we had pizza and Sprite. Then I bought a game called Fusion Fighter 3. Then we played more games and went home.


I love this story, we’ll have to go to an old school arcade sometime soon. Who wants to play Running With An Ax?

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Apr 26 2011

Junior Game Designer

Easter Sunday was a relaxing day at casa de Rouse. After church we came home, ate brunch, and played games. Me and Henry tried out the co-op game on Portal 2 and played some Lego Star Wars III on Xbox.  The weather brightened so we all went on a bike ride to a local wetland to look for frogs and snakes. We got home from our bike ride just in time, it had started raining again. Henry and I decided to play a few games of pass the pigs. At the end of a game he declared “dad I have an idea!” and ran upstairs to his room.

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Apr 17 2011

Salmon & Potato Pie

When I was a kid my mom would sometimes make salmon pie. We didn’t have it often but I always enjoyed it. Growing up in the Pacific Northwest we ate a lot of salmon and I still enjoy it grilled, poached, baked, fried, and smoked but I have not had it in a pie for years.The other week I was at Trader Joe’s and I noticed they had canned Alaskan Red Salmon on sale (also known as Sockeye Salmon). I bought a few cans and made a quick call to my mom to ask her to email me the recipe. Today I baked this for the first time myself. It tasted just as I remembered, especially when accompanied with HP Sauce.


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Apr 8 2011

Legoland California

Last week was Spring break so for a family vacation we went to Legoland in Carlsbad, California. The trip was a combined Christmas gift for the kids from me, my wife, and our parents. By about mid February the kids started counting down the days and by about March 20th it was all they could think about.

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Apr 7 2011

My Office

In February I started a new job as a Digital Producer at Roundhouse. We have offices in Portland, OR and Seattle, WA offering a full suite of services from web development to event management. My role is focused on management of digital marketing campaigns in the social media space for our gaming clients. Check us out at roundhouse agency

Here is the view from our Seattle office


My office


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Apr 6 2011

Oh Hai!

Bad, bad blog daddy indeed. When I started this page I thought it would be easy to write a few times a month and as it turned out it was easy in the beginning (when I didn’t have a job). Then in March of last year I accepted a 12 month contract at Microsoft working on Xbox marketing and all aspirations flew out the window. Work, time with family, and other hobbies left little time to write. Continue reading

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Jul 1 2010

It’s Been Awhile

In March I started a new job working on US marketing partnerships for Xbox at Microsoft so I have been neglecting my blog, I know I am bad blog daddy. I love my job and have been keeping really busy working on some fun promotions. I launched a Mountain Dew promotion for Splinter Cell: Conviction and placed Xbox 360 Consoles in every US Bose retail store to support their awesome new line of 5.1 surround home theater systems. I am working on some other exciting projects I’ll share when they go public Continue reading

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Feb 3 2010

Son of a Geek

When your dad worked on Dungeons & Dragons for 4 years some stuff tends to rub off on you. You’ll know the breath weapon of every chromatic dragon, have your own set of dice, and recognize the awesome beast that is the Beholder.

Here is a picture Henry drew for me the other day. Shaggy and Scooby are about to meet the eye tyrant and this one aint no old man in a costume.

Dungeons of Dread

Roll For Rinitiative Raggy

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