Junior Game Designer

Easter Sunday was a relaxing day at casa de Rouse. After church we came home, ate brunch, and played games. Me and Henry tried out the co-op game on Portal 2 and played some Lego Star Wars III on Xbox.  The weather brightened so we all went on a bike ride to a local wetland to look for frogs and snakes. We got home from our bike ride just in time, it had started raining again. Henry and I decided to play a few games of pass the pigs. At the end of a game he declared “dad I have an idea!” and ran upstairs to his room.

About ten minutes later he came downstairs with a bunch of stuff. In his hands were three Star Wars Miniatures maps, some Lego Star Wars Mini Figures with parts, his bag of roleplaying dice, and pencils & paper. “OK I made a game. First pick a map, then pick a character, ship, and weapons.” After we had chosen he explained the rules. In those ten minutes he had designed a tactical war game with rules, character stats, and basic back story. On post it notes were characters cards that included hit points, armor class, and three attack abilities with damage for each (one basic attack and two special attacks with finite use). He set up the map and we were playing. Rate of movement was based on a 1/2 a d6 roll (rounded down). Each character had a blaster for use while on foot or characters could use a speeder with more powerful guns. All attacks were ranged, using minimum distance, and line of sight. Successful attacks against AC were determined by a d20 roll. He had even included a healing droid that randomly appeared and automatically granted +1HP.

The game was designed in minutes, well balanced, and fun to play. Needless to say I was pretty blown away.