May the Cake Be With You

My son is turning 7 this month and he is a huge Star Wars fan. He loves the Clone Wars cartoons, Lego Star Wars video games, Lego Star Wars toys, Star Wars action figures, Star Wars miniatures etc. In 2008 he was a Clone Trooper for Halloween and this year he went as Jango Fett. So when I asked him what theme he wanted for his birthday, the immediate answer was STAR WARS!!! Me: You mean like last year? Him: Uh? Yeah!

At the Star Wars party last year, I made three games for the kids to play. The first game was clearing the galaxy of asteroids. The asteroids were simple balls of foil filled with candy or Star Wars Miniatures hidden around the house. The second game was a carnival game of dropping a Star Wars Miniature into an array of glasses or varying size. Get a mini in the small cup and win it. The last game was a shooting gallery that used a Clone Wars Nerf dart blaster and paper cut out targets of famous villains including: Darth Vader, Dart Sidious, Jabba The Hutt, and Boba Fett.

The kids loved the games I ran last year but I felt like repeating any of them again this year would be kind of lame so I decided to come up with all new games. I looked for ideas on the web and asked followers on Twitter for suggestions. I got some great twideas and came up with a couple on my own. After some planning I narrowed it down to theses three games:

Order 66 (aka Last Jedi Standing). This game was inspired by a cake walk. In a cake walk, kids walk around a track of pictures or letters while music plays. When the music shuts off everyone stops on the space in front of them and the wrangler draws a random card that corresponds to a childs space, that kid gets a cupcake. My game is a little different. I will play the role of Darth Sidious (the wrangler) as Jedi (the kids) march around a track of Jedi portraits to the tune of the Imperial March. When the music stops I will randomly choose a Jedi who will be eliminated from the game. The last Jedi standing will win the grand prize and the last few will get runner up prizes. It sounds a little grim but it was really a lot of fun for the kids. Thanks to @adamjford for the Order 66 name idea.

Destroy the Death Star. The second game originated from my wife. Her idea was for the kids to throw objects into a ring of concentric targets, starting with a hula hoop, and working down to a small cup size target. I modified her idea based on the climatic ending from Episode IV: A New Hope where the Rebellion pilots are trying to get a torpedo down a small exhaust shaft of the Death Star. This game involves the kids trying to toss bean bag “torpedos” into the targets on the Death Star. This was a challenging game but a few hit the target.

Destroy the Death Star game

Use The Force. The last game was going to be a pinata variant where kids wear a helmet with the blast shield down and use a light saber to hit a training droid just like Obi Wan used with Luke on the Millennium Falcon. I was excited about this idea even though it required me to make my own pinata. Making a round pinata is not that difficult although time consuming. You take strips of paper mache and lay them on a balloon to form the round shape. When the paper hardens you pop the balloon, paint it, and fill it with candy. I loved this idea (and still do) but when I went to the party store I found a Darth Vader pinata for $18. Yoink! The game becameĀ “Obi Wan has taught you well” and was a big hit (especially the candy).

Vader Pinata

Lastly, we also ordered a cake from the bakery and made a Star Wars Lego minifigure battle. In the scene, the Separatist droids have taken R2D2 captive so Yoda and Anakin must resuce him.

Star Wars cake