It’s Been Awhile

In March I started a new job working on US marketing partnerships for Xbox at Microsoft so I have been neglecting my blog, I know I am bad blog daddy. I love my job and have been keeping really busy working on some fun promotions. I launched a Mountain Dew promotion for Splinter Cell: Conviction and placed Xbox 360 Consoles in every US Bose retail store to support their awesome new line of 5.1 surround home theater systems. I am working on some other exciting projects I’ll share when they go public

In my spare time I have been trying to enjoy summer, although it has been one of the worst summers for as long I can remember. I read Seattle had 272 straight days of temps below 75F. I haven’t been playing much D&D but I have been playing some video games including Mass Effect and Alan Wake. Crackdown 2 comes out next week and I just got a copy so that’s what I’ll be playing next.

I have a few longer posts I’ve been working on and I hope to share them soon.

Until then, Rock On!