Happy New Year – 2020

Wait, my last post was six years ago?

Unfortunately yes, due to other priorities and a technical issues with the site that wouldn’t let me access the dashboard I’ve neglected publishing.

A lot has happened in that time. I have an awesome new job with a great company in the video game space. Finn is 6 years old , we’ve had a ton of adventures over the past few years you can see on my photo page that shows my Instagram feed

I’m going to revamp the page and post a little more often but for now I hope everyone has a prosperous and joyous 2020!

Pupdate – five months already!!

Finlay turns five months old tomorrow, wow does time fly by. He is turning out to be an awesome dog in the home and is showing a ton of potential as a gun dog. He has had a little exposure to tweety birds on walks and quail near my parents house in Eastern Washington. I’ll start actual bird dog training in the next few weeks.

Aftermath of jumping in a ditch of nasty water

Ready for some field work

Scenting wild quail

Spoiled bird dog getting couch time

First 4 weeks

It’s been 4 weeks since Finlay came home with me. He settled in right away, immediately becoming a part of the family. He is a smart little guy and should be a great hunting partner. Here are some photos from the four weeks


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First day in the office

With his sister Dottie

Out for some field work.


Vine embed

I posted my first Vine this week of some crazy spring weather we experienced. This is a test to see how well it embeds to the blog:



Embedding a Vine video is pretty easy. In the WordPress post editor (text) post this code and drop in your Vine URL

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Wolves on the Westside

Yesterday, I went fly fishing on the Middle Fork of the Snoqualmie River with my family. This is a beautiful river about 40 minutes east of Seattle that presents fly anglers the opportunity to catch wild coastal cutthroat trout on dry flies. I was up river about 300 yards from where my family was hanging out playing on the shore of the river. I was working my way back downstream when my wife started yelling and making gestures that there was an animal off in the bushes. I was thinking it was a black bear but when I got within hearing range she says “it was a really big grey dog with a thick coat and very bushy tail”. By her account ( I never saw it), the animal was on the edge of the high water mark about 50 yards away, between her and the road. When she spotted the animal it was moving at a fast pace up river, she called the kids in behind her and it stopped to look at them for a few seconds, and then continued up river through the washout. The animal never threatened her or the kids. My pistol was sitting on a towel about 5 feet away from her but she was so freaked I bet if it had threatened her she would have probably thrown rocks and forgotten about the gun.

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Work: Totally Rad

Working on video games I have the opportunity to do something fun almost every day. Today went beyond fun and into the realm of TOTALLY RAD! Xbox and 343 Industries announced that award winning producer and composer Neil Davidge will be creating the score for Halo 4. As part of the announcement I worked on a live chat with Neil via Facebook. Listening to him talk about the creation of the music was incredible and I can’t wait to play this game.